"The world offers itself to your imagination."
- by Mary Oliver

I create visual & strategic concepts. My focus lies on life-serving themes.

I either work with existing images or we create new images such as photos, illustrations, collages, licensed AI or other forms of visual story telling. Sometimes, images might be helpful in creating a particular sense & feeling for a situation.

I am working with beautiful people from the arts and communication, from the field of transformation and regenerative development. We can co-design as a team, depending on the projects needs.

I am currently very interested in getting involved in projects that support biological diversity and the regeneration of soil, water, and air quality in order to stop fundamental ecological, economic, and social losses.

And I would love to put my own hands into the soil!
(Before all this I used to work in fashion).

Team Member

Since 2022 I have been a fellow, now team member at the think tank "Reinventing Society". Our mission is to accompany people into a regenerative society and to empower them to realise systemic future potential. We research and develop positive visions of the future of a more beautiful world and make them tangible through a variety of formats, such as future designs: https://www.realutopien.de/

Clients & Partners

Donut Berlin, Geo Magazine New York, Handelsblatt Magazin, GLS Bank, Interview Magazine, The Gaabs, Hugo Boss, Joop!, Nike, Profashional Agency, Reinventing Society, tuesday.works. agency, Vogue, Nowadays Agency, Paule Ka, Zoo Magazine (...)

Office & Collective

The cocreation.collective is a community of people who have come together under a common thread. We come from various disciplines and backgrounds and strive to make the world a more sustainable and aware place through our projects and initiatives. Amongst us we have social entrepreneurs, change makers, leadership coaches, somatic practicioners, sustainability and creative consultants. In Berlin, we are your go-to partner for co-creating a more conscious and sustainable future. We offer a strong network and pool of resources that can be leveraged depending on your initiatives.

Board Member

The Arts & Nature Social Club is a platform for the development of creative, sustainable solutions in the face of pressing social and political challenges, particularly in relation to our (human) relationship with nature and other forms of life. The club takes up the classic form of political-philosophical salons and combines them with new communication possibilities. The central idea is to appeal to both head and heart, i.e. to combine intellectually challenging solution concepts and corresponding lectures and discussions with presentations and live performances of art and music.

Photographers I worked with in the past

Alique, Anton Corbijn, Alexi Lubomirski, Bryan Adams, Collier Schorr, Claudia Knoepfel, Debora Mittelstaedt, Ellen von Unwerth, Guy Lowndes, Horst Diekgerdes, Karl Lagerfeld, Koray Byrant, Max Vadukul, Nacho Alegre, Nicolas Kantor, Oliver Helbig, Peter Lindbergh, Sabrina Theissen, Stefan Heinrichs, Venetia Scott, Fergus Padel, Roman Goebel among others.