Producer for VOGUE US, photographed by Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn I US Vogue I Sarah Harrison I Producer I Berlin

Producer for Nowadays Agency - Berlin, 2015

Photographer: Anton Corbijn. Talent: Sarah Harrison. Agency: Nowadays. Producer: Christin Bettinghaus. Fashion Editor: Sara Moonves. Hair Stylist: Mari Ohashi. Make Up Artist: Jenny Coombs.

Anton Corbijn photographed WikiLeaks editor Sarah Harrison at the Berlin Wall. The client was the US Vogue, who arranged to bring together this interesting pair. At the time of the shoot, besides being an activist and editor, Sarah was also known for "spiriting NSA leaker Edward Snowden (who has been kept at the airport) to safety in Russia" (see bellow).

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My work involved the planing and production of this highly kept secret shoot during my time I worked for the agency Nowadays, who supported the Vogue locally in Berlin for this production. Sarah and I clearly agreed upon the fact, that our jobs were truly different...