Inspiration for Voralberg in co-creation with Reinventing Society

221223 Reinventig Society Voralberg cam1 C
Industriellenvereinigung Photo Studio Fasching DJI 0588 1 min

Conception: Inspiration for Voralberg in co-creation with Reinventing Society, Industriellenvereinigung Vorarlberg & Loomn - Berlin 2022

Client: Industriellenvereinigung Vorarlberg. Creation: Reinventing Society. 3 D Design: Loomn. Drone Photos: Fasching GmbH. Lizens: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Images make change tangible and allow you to feel your way into different futures.

In co-creation with Reinventing Societies I develop visions for a regenerative future of certain places and cast this into a visual form.

The photorealistic images of the future are intended to inspire change, make potential tangible and awaken a desire for the future!

Image Campus:
This real-utopian image of the future of Campus Vorarlberg shows what can be possible when innovation is bundled in Vorarlberg, urbanity is promoted and modernity is reconciled with established traditions and structures.